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Computer Science

Computer Science at Westminster College

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Major Highlights

The course offerings in Computer Science serve both Computer Science majors and students majoring in other fields. The introductory courses emphasize applications of computers for problem solving and data manipulation along with fundamental concepts of the computer science field. The advanced courses are designed to provide an understanding of both the technical aspects and practical applications of computer science.

The two tracks within the major program of study in computer science well prepare a student for either immediate employment or graduate study. It is recommended that students planning graduate study in computer science take additional work in mathematics. Courses in linear algebra, matrix theory, discrete math, and probability and statistics are especially desirable.

Most Computer Science courses are taught in a laboratory setting, permitting the experimentation with the practical application of theoretical concepts. Students also present their work to various audiences in written, electronic, and verbal formats. In addition to the technical focus, students majoring in either track within Computer Science are provided opportunities to practice techniques to develop skills related to becoming professionals, effective communicators, and potential information technology leaders in a wide variety of organizations.

Computer Science (Algorithms & Programming Track)

A degree in Computer Science with the Algorithms and Programming track will focus on the mathematical and scientific applications of computer science, particularly algorithms and software development. Students are required to complete foundational required courses in mathematics and statistics. This track focuses on problem solving, computer hardware knowledge, and software engineering concepts, and it provides the student with opportunity to apply these concepts to a variety of computer-based systems.

Computer Science (Information Technology Track)

A degree in Computer Science with the Information Technology (IT) track will prepare students to use a wide array of technologies available to solve real-world problems that might occur in any discipline. Emphasis will be placed on software engineering, systems analysis and design, database design and management, computer networking, and client/server web-based technologies. Student learning in the IT track will be achieved by applying a problem-based, project-centered approach focusing on critical thinking, technological understanding, and interpersonal communications. Students learn to balance the theory, practice, and communication of information technology concepts through active learning strategies in a laboratory setting and presentation of their work to others in a variety of public forums.

Contact Information

Name: Edward Mirielli
Position: Professor of Comupter Science
Office: Room 311, Coulter Science Center
Email: Ed.Mirielli@westminster-mo.edu
Phone: 573-592-5220

Meet the Faculty

Edward Mirielli, Professor/Chair Computer Sciences
Linda Webster, Professor Computer Science

Computer Science News

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Computer Science News

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