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French at Westminster College

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Why Study French at Westminster?

Fluency in French increases your competitiveness in the workforce. Not only is this language spoken on every continent and in many global organizations, but according to Bloomberg Rankings, it represents the second language of business after Mandarin.

Le français, c’est cool!

Knowing French opens up educational, travel and career opportunities throughout the world and it enables you to become fully engaged in the global community. The French program at Westminster is designed to enhance your critical and analytical skills, to refine your written and oral communication, and to stimulate your creativity. You will expand your knowledge by exploring various aspects of the French-speaking societies, such as history, systems of beliefs, politics, economic and demographic data, culture and arts.

In addition to language acquisition classes at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels, the French program offers a wide range of upper-level courses. With careful planning, it is possible to major in French without having studied it in high school. The major consists of 27 credits (five mandatory courses and four electives), while the completion of a minor requires 18 credits (three mandatory and three elective courses.)

Other Experiences

Westminster offers students affordable opportunities to spend a semester or a year in France through its exchange program with the Université Catholique de l’Ouest or affiliated providers. In the last four years, all our exchange students who participated in the UCO program received Piper Scholarships. Several recent French majors have chosen to take summer courses in Dijon, at the University of Burgundy.

Le Cercle français is one of the most active student clubs at Westminster: it shows French films, it organizes dinners and thematic sessions. Its Cheese Tasting has become a staple event on campus. Each year, French majors are tapped for membership in Alpha Mu Gamma, a national society that honors the accomplishments of language students.

Teacher Certification

Students who wish to obtain certification in secondary education must complete the major in French and take all the required classes in the Education Department, including EDU 400 (Methodologies of Teaching a Foreign Language).

Career Opportunities

Most French majors choose to major in a second field as well. They report that their competency in French has brought them both personal and professional benefits and that it often has set them apart from other candidates in that crucial interview for their first job after graduation.

Recent French majors are currently working as attorneys, market analysts, accountants, art directors, IT specialists, teachers and international student advisors. French majors have also pursued or are completing graduate degrees in fields such as Public Administration, Foreign Policy, Comparative Literature, Law, International Development, Business, and Computer Science at major universities including Yale, George Washington and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland as well as at regional institutions in Missouri and Arkansas.

Student Quote

Jennyfer Larios, The Magic of Studying Abroad

Contact Information

Name: Ingrid Ilinca
Position: Assistant Professor of French
Office: Room 36, Newnham Hall
Email: Ingrid.Ilinca@westminster-mo.edu
Phone: 573-592-5323

French Major News

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French Major News

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