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Educated to Lead. Inspired to Achieve.

Price Leadership Program

The Price Leadership Program is a brand-new, campus-wide activity that brings together what students learn in the classroom, from co-curricular activities, and from the College opportunities that take them out into the community and the world at large. The program incorporates technology, mentoring, reflection, planning, individualized guidance for every student, and character-based learning.

Unique to Westminster, the program is one of the most innovative, cutting-edge leader development programs in the country. Made possible by a generous gift from Westminster alum, Robert Price (Class of '65), the Price Leadership program allows students to visualize, plan, reflect on, and draw meaning from their time at Westminster, with supportive guidance. Faculty, staff and alumni mentors will review and coach students to ensure Westminster students develop in all five of the developmental domains: professional, intellectual, wellness, social and ethical.

The Price Leadership Program guides students as they make their path at Westminster - and make sure they graduate ready for success.

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