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Activities and Programs

Friendship Family Program
The Friendship Family Program connects families in the Fulton area with international and out-of-state students to provide support to the students as they transition to living far away from their families and communities. The program also promotes cultural exchange encourages students and families to learn about each other's cultures and traditions.

International Club
The International Club aims to assist with the integration of international students with domestic students, into the college campus and community's environment. The International Club aims at exposing Westminster students to other cultures and therefore promote cultural understanding.
The Interfaith Advisory Board (IAB) is made up of students across the spiritual spectrum-leadership consists of Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, and Muslim students as well as those who identify as "spiritual but not religious." The goal of IAB is to provide events and programming on campus that reflect the diversity of religious beliefs held by the Westminster college community.

Take a Friend Home
The Take-a-Friend Home program is an innovative global outreach and cultural immersion program sponsored by Westminster College, in which international and domestic students get to have first-hand experience in each other's native lands and with their families.
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