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Friendship Family Program at Westminster College

Friendship Family Program
Co-sponsored by: Emerson Center for Leadership & Services, and Westminster Alumni Association

Friendship Family

The Friendship Family Program is a project that connects families in the Fulton area with Westminster's international and out-of-state students in an effort to provide support to the students as they transition to living far away from their families and their communities. The program also promotes an enriching cultural exchange experience for both the participating students and families as they share and learn about each other's cultures and traditions.

Started for Taiwanese students at William Woods University, the Friendship Family Program caught attention from students at Westminster College and is in place till date. This program is now an official part of Westminster College and is being handled by the Office of Multicultural Student Development, in coordination with the Office of International Student Services. It is also co-sponsored by the Alumni Association of Wesminster College

Why FFP?
The Friendship Family Program provides a new international or out-of-state student with a continuing friendship as well as cultural involvement with a family in the United States.

Both students and host families can have the enriching experience of cultural exchange and gain a new perspective about the world. The interaction between families and the students will help understand different cultures and values that represent the world. The only pre-requisite is the desire to make an international or out-of-state student feel comfortable in a strange and new setting. Furthermore, the relationships build through FFP usually turn into lifelong friendships.

Can a Friendship Family remain in contact with the student(s) after their first year in Fulton?
Yes! The required commitment for each family is one year. However, we do encourage that the families maintain the relationship with their student(s) throughout their time at Fulton. We have found that it is very common for the families and the students to keep in contact even after they leave Fulton due to the strong relationship that grows into a lifetime friendship.

Contact us at:
International Student Services
202 Churchill Institute
573-592-5182; Fax: (573) 592-6049

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