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Will My Course Transfer?

Westminster has compiled a database of course equivalencies established with many of the institutions from which we will accept transfer credit. Visit the link below to determine if your course credit will transfer and which Westminster course.

Search the Transfer Credit Database

If you didn't find your course or institution, review our transfer of credit below or contact Transfer Credit Coordinator Neil Hunt.

Transfer of Credit Policy

Transfer credit for incoming students is evaluated by the office of the Associate Dean of Faculty. Westminster will accept credit, including dual enrollment credit, if:

  • The institution where the credits were earned is accredited by an established regional accrediting organization. Westminster may accept credit from institutions with accreditation that is not regional, but reserves the right to refuse credit from such institutions.
  • The grade received is a "C-" or better.
  • Courses comparable to a course offered at Westminster will be awarded credit for that specific course.
  • Courses not comparable to a Westminster course will be awarded elective credit.
  • Courses that meet Westminster's New Foundations requirements may be awarded Tier credit if the course fits the learning goals associated with a particular Tier Context.

Students may appeal the initial decision regarding their transfer credit through the Transfer Credit Coordinator, including any information that may assist in establishing the appropriate equivalency. There are three possible levels of the appeal:

  • The Transfer Credit Coordinator may choose to revisit the initial decision, and/or consult with the appropriate Chair(s). 
  • If this appeal is denied, the student may apply directly to the Associate Dean of Faculty, in writing, again including any material that may be of assistance.
  • If this does not resolve the situation, the student may then appeal to the Commissioner of Higher Education of the Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE) of the State of Missouri. The office of the Associate Dean of Faculty will forward all materials provided by the student, as well as documentation of the reason for the decision, along with the appeal.

See the Academic Catalog for more detailed information about the transfer of credit and the transfer credit appeal process.


Will My Course Transfer to Westminster College?

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