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Educated to Lead. Inspired to Achieve.

Costs & Financial Aid

Estimated Expenses for 2016-17

Tuition $23,200
Room $ 5,120
Board $ 4,360
Mandatory Fees (Activities & Student Services) $ 1,340
Deposit/International Orientation Fee $ 300
Other variable expenses, including health insurance, books, taxes, and personal etc. $ 4,504
Total Estimated Expenses $ 38,824

Financial Aid for International Students is based on academic merit, financial need and the potential to make a difference as a leader at Westminster College.

Once the Faculty Admissions Committee has granted admission to an international student, the Financial Aid Committee will determine the student's eligibility for financial aid. To do this, the international student must submit an International Student Financial Aid Form and supporting documentation.

Students will need to show that they can provide the funding for one year of study at Westminster College, which includes the Tuition and Fees for one year as well as approximately $2,000 for books and other expenses. This amount includes any and all scholarships that the student is awarded by Westminster College or other entities.

Students who are not fully admitted or who cannot prove that they have sufficient funding for one full year at Westminster College will not receive an I-20 for their F-1 student visa application.

In some cases, you may be authorized to work off-campus. You must have written authorization from USCIS prior to obtaining employment.

International students who have held student status for a minimum of one year may also be eligible for CPT (Curricular Practical Training), OPT (Optional Practical Training), or Severe Economic Hardship.

For more details concerning any of the above, contact International Admissions, International@westminster-mo.edu.

*Expenses increase approximately 6% each year.

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