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Alumni Awards

2018 Alumni Achievement Award recipients

Alumni award honorees, 2018. Adam Kloppe ’06 ΔΤΔ, David Boyce ’68 ΒΘΠ, W. Bruce Cameron ’78 ΣΧ, Serena Lowe ’97 ΔΔΔ, Giles Fowler ’55 ΒΘΠ, Bill Elsea ’55 Highlander, Rev. Jamie Haskins (Remley award recipient), Katie Pilgram Kloppe ’08 ΚΑΘ, Anne Schneider ’85 ΚΑΘ

Since 1956, the Alumni Achievement Award has been presented annually on Alumni Weekend. In 2009, the award was modified to honor alumni achievement in two categories - Lifetime and Young. The award is considered one of the highest honors Westminster can confer on an alumnus. 

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The Alumni Achievement Award

The Lifetime Alumni Achievement Award is presented annually to alumni whose accomplishments reflect the Westminster mission and who have distinguished themselves through personal achievements, professional achievements and/or have made significant contributions to society. 

2018 Recipients

Bill Elsea ’55 Highlander

Giles Fowler ’55 ΒΘΠ

David Boyce ’68 ΒΘΠ

W. Bruce Cameron ’78 ΣΧ

Serena Lowe ’97 ΔΔΔ

The Young Alumni Achievement Award

This award is presented annually to recognize alumni who demonstrate the Westminster mission through outstanding achievement early (within 5-15 years) in their chosen career and/or dedicated leadership and service to their community.

2018 Recipients

Adam Kloppe ’06 ΔΤΔ

Katie Pilgram Kloppe ’08 ΚΑΘ

The Jack Marshall Alumni Loyalty Award

Established in 2009 and renamed in his honor in 2012, the Jack Marshall Alumni Loyalty Award is bestowed upon alumni who have demonstrated exceptional loyalty, commitment, and dedication to the College through contributions of time, talent, and treasure.

2018 Recipient

Anne Schneider ’85 ΚΑΘ

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