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Churchill Institute for Global Engagement

Global Partnerships

The Churchill Institute for Global Engagement engages in partnerships with various organizations to provide learning and experiential opportunities for Westminster College students. Examples of various partnerships include working with other universities around the world, various non-profit organizations, and businesses to help promote global understanding and development in keeping with Westminster’s ideal of creating “Leaders in a Global Community.”  

Russian-American Forum: Westminster College-Moscow Institute of International Relations partnership (NEW! Spring 2017)

Currently, the Churchill Institute for Global Engagement is partnering with the Moscow Institute for International Relations (MGIMO—founded by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in 1944 as the university for training diplomats in Russia) in providing a forum for Westminster and MGIMO students to explore transnational issues that Russia and the United States face together and ways to solve them.  In Spring semester 2017, a group of Westminster students has started an historical real-time global issues bi-monthly forum with MGIMO students to address and attempt to solve issues from cultural perceptions to media to climate/energy to economic issues that both nations share. The hope is that this hands-on joint-institutional course will yield diplomatic and educational skill building and value for students from both institutions.  This will be an on-going discussion and course between these institutions thanks to Westminster College graduate and business leader Mikhail Orlov, ’96 ΒΘΠ.  Please contact Dr. Jefferson at 573-592-5266 or email him at kurt.jefferson@westminster-mo.edu if you have any questions. 


Westminster College-University of North Texas Future Without Poverty Initiative (NEW! Fall 2017)

This initiative is a global partnership that is bringing students at Westminster College and the Churchill Institute for Global Engagement into alignment with the Future Without Poverty organization at the University of North Texas.  Students at both institutions will be working on building relationships and initiatives to combat global poverty.  Westminster College students who are eligible will have an opportunity in October (4-6) 2017 to travel to Costa Rica to attend the FWOP summit and give presentations on research and ideas that focus on poverty reduction practices and combating poverty.  To learn more about this organization follow this link:  http://www.futurewithoutpoverty.org/ or contact Dr. Jefferson at 573-592-5266 or email him at kurt.jefferson@westminster-mo.edu or contact Greg Ousley, Director of Global Partnerships, Churchill Institute for Global Engagement, at greg.ousley@westminster-mo.edu. 

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