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Records Retention

Westminster College requires consistent treatment of records and that different types of records be retained for specific periods of time. Maintenance, retention, and disposal procedures for college records must be followed systematically by staff and faculty in designated official repositories. These records must be managed according to procedures that are outlined in the policy.

In addition, duplicate or multiple copies of these records, retained in locations other than official repositories, must also be disposed of when they are outdated and no longer useful.

This policy is intended to ensure that the college:

  • meets legal standards;
  • optimizes the use of space;
  • minimizes the cost of record retention;
  • preserves the history of the college;
  • destroys outdated and useless records.

The links below provide the college's Records Retention Policy, two Records Retention Matrices (by administrative area and by department) that list all records of the college, and a Records Retention Transfer Report for the disposition of records (destroy, permanently retain, or archive).

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