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Karen Tompson-Wolfe

Karen Tompson-Wolfe

Director of Learning Opp Ctr.
 WH WH34
 +1 (573) 592-5304
  • Learning Disability Program


I began working at Westminster in the spring of 1996. My duties have varied during this time, from teaching economics and statistics to working with the Campus Learning Center and the Learning Disabilities Program. Now as the Director of the Learning Opportunities Center, it is my job to create and actively participate in the delivery of quality academic support programs for all students on campus. These programs include a comprehensive Learning Disabilities Program, an Academic Enrichment Program and a Peer Tutoring Program.

I enjoy working at Westminster because the school's environment encourages the faculty and staff to be involved and communicate with our students on both a personal and professional level. Another interesting aspect of working here is the Westminster Seminar, which allows the faculty to explore areas of interest outside of our field. My fascination with board games lead me to create a seminar on the history of board games and their influence on the games of today. In addition to games, I also find the Modern Olympic Games to be fascinating, and have also developed a seminar around exploring the transformation of the modern games.

When I am not working with students, I enjoy playing a variety of board games, reading a variety of books, golfing, gardening and spending time in the outdoors camping with my husband. I have been described by some of my close friends as a fanatic when it comes to college basketball and both college and professional football, and enjoy on occasion a laid back afternoon or evening watching these on TV.

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