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Sonia Manzoor

Sonia Manzoor

McClure-Whitmarsh-Endowed Associate Professor in Economics
 WH 244
 +1 (573) 592-5359
  • Accounting,Business, Economics and MIS



Dr. Manzoor received a Bachelors and Masters in Economics from the University of Dhaka, an MBA from the University of Southern Mississippi, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Texas A&M University. Her major field of research is Public Finance - the magnitude and effectiveness of government policies in correcting the market failure in the case of public goods. 

Professional Highlights

After getting her Ph.D. in Economics from Texas A&M University, Dr. Manzoor has devoted her time and effort to teaching and research. She started her teaching career at Texas A&M, since then she has taught at various other universities, such as Independent University of Bangladesh, Shenandoah University, the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri - Kansas City. She joined Westminster College in Fall 2009 to teach economics. 

Dr. Manzoor has also served as a consultant at different Institutes at Texas A&M University. In addition, she has been involved with research projects involving empirical analysis of government spending and its crowding out effect on private spending for public radio stations, development of a rationale for overhead cost allocation among the various divisions of Texas A&M University, and quantitative assessment of the Kansas City metropolitan area's success in encouraging business growth and investment. She has also served as a referee for journals and reviewed leading text books at the request of publishers.

Scholarly Highlights

Dr. Manzoor has worked actively and successfully with scholars from various Universities. She has published as well as presented papers at many professional conferences. Her work with John Straub of Tufts University on charitable contributions to Public Radio Stations was published in Public Choice (2006). Recently her presented paper at The 2011 European Academic Conference, the Clute Institute, June 5-9, 2011, Barcelona, Spain, received the Best Paper Award for the session at the conference based on a peer review process. Dr. Manzoor has in total five refereed journal articles and seven presented papers at peer reviewed professional conferences.


Dr. Manzoor has taught many different courses in Economics and Business during her teaching career. After joining Westminster College in Fall 2009, she has been teaching primarily macroeconomics courses, public finance and other elective courses. At Westminster, she has taught 12 different classes and has developed 3 new classes: Labor Economics, Sports Economics, and Introduction to Human Trafficking. 


Dr. Manzoor lives in Columbia with her husband, son and a dog. She enjoys going to her son's soccer games and watch him play.

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