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Interfaith Advisory Board

Ayush M.

Ayush Manandhar: Hello! I am Ayush Manandhar from Nepal. I am a junior majoring in Transnational Studies and Economics. I help organize events and control the social media section of the office. I love learning about different religions and cultures. I believe that it is important for us to hold hands and work together with people from diverse backgrounds for the world to move forward.

Erin P. Erin Perry: Hello, friends! My name is Erin Perry. I am a junior at Westminster this year. I work in The Office of Spiritual Life as the Co-Leader of Interfaith Advisory Board, and manage events that allow for our office to respond to current social justice issues. I like to climb trees, listen to Sufjan Stevens, look at tattoos on pinterest, and eat lettuce. You can always find me in Jamie's office or at EcoHouse, so please come and find me. I'll give you hugs and smiles.
Shahil S.

Shahil Shrestha: Hi! I am Shahil Shrestha from Nepal. I am a junior at Westminster College, seeking to double-major in Economics and Transnational Studies, and a minor in Mathematics. Representing as a spiritual person, I work together with the amazingly diverse members of the Interfaith Advisory Board coordinated by Rev. Jamie Haskins, one of the most compassionate people at Westminster College. I love to travel, dance, sing, read, eat, play, walk, run and jump. As I value the incredible diversity at Westminster College, I love to interact with people having different backgrounds (in terms of culture, religion, financial, academics). I am passionate about helping people, in any way I can. I seek to learn about people for who they truly are, disregarding any stereotypes, assumptions and judgments. "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"

Mahogany T. Mahogany Thomas: Hello Friends! My name is Mahogany Thomas and I am a junior, double majoring in Religious Studies and Self-Design Queer Theology with a minor in Education. I am a Protestant Christian who worships amongst a variety of denominations! Simply put, I love Jesus! My spirituality is such an important aspect of my life and being able to share my faith with the wonderful students, faculty and staff at Westminster College is my favorite part of the campus experience! I love being a member of the Interfaith Advisory Board because as much as I am able to share my faith, I am able to witness the faiths of others which is so inspiring! We all come from such rich cultures, faiths and backgrounds and it is truly amazing to be apart of a community who values each other!
Robert S. Robert Skitt: Hello there!! My name is Bobby Skitt and I am a sophomore at Westminster College. I am working towards my major in Religious Studies. I am a Catholic through and through, but I joined IAB to not only help me gain knowledge towards my major, but also to help others on this wonderful campus feel more comfortable communicating and discussing their religion. I can already feel my faith growing stronger and I owe a lot of that to IAB. I feel so blessed to be a part of the IAB family.

Clarisse Leech: Howdy, I'm Reese and I'm a junior. My faith path started me in Southern Baptism, but I'm now an eclectic Wicca. I'm involved in way too many things to actually list, but I guess the most important would be that I'm a Remley Women's Advocate Intern, treasurer for the Men Against Rape and Sexual Violence (MARS) group on campus, a several year member of Alliance, an active member of the Black Student Union (BSU), as well as a member of the Interfaith Advisory Board (IAB). If that doesn't make it clear where my interests lie I guess you could say I'm a passionate egalitarian which is what led me to be a part of, what I think is, a singular group of individuals. The IAB is the first group of its kind I have ever run into, and its dedication to closing the understanding gap between those of different faiths drove me to become a part of it, if only to satisfy my own curiosity as well as to clear up some misconceptions as to what I am, and what I do.

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