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Greek Recruitment


Westminster College fraternities and sororities offer opportunities to develop students into the people they want to become. We believe that when the fraternity and sorority experience is done right, it can be the premiere leadership experience on a college campus. You will be presented with opportunities to live in a chapter house/or sorority floor, establish strong friendships, make connections to faculty, staff and alumni, contribute to the local community through service and leadership, gain valuable academic support, and of course have fun!

Sorority Recruitment: 

If you are interested in joining a sorority at Westminster, we encourage you to participate in Formal Recruitment. Formal Recruitment is a three day process that enables the fairest opportunities for you to interact with sorority women. During the week of recruitment, you will get to visit each sorority at least once. As you continue each day, you will visit less chapters. On Bid Day, you will find out which sorority extended you a bid. If you accept that bid, you will then be led to spend the rest of the day with your new sisters! 
In order to maintain a healthy sorority community, the Panhellenic Council strives for parity in membership among all NPC organizations. Because of this not all sororities will have the opportunity to host an Informal Recruitment in the Spring semester to recruit interested women.

Fraternity Recruitment: 

If you are interested in joining a fraternity at Westminster, we encourage you to participate in Formal Recruitment. Formal Recruitment is a four day, structured process for you to learn more about joining a fraternity and for fraternities to ask men to join their membership. You will get to visit every chapter at least once and have the opportunity to ask questions and tour the fraturinity chapter houses. Bid Day is the final day of men’s recruitment. This is when you will receive bids from the chapters inviting you to join their brotherhood; once you have chosen to accept a bid, you will join your new brothers! The fraternities can hold Informal or Open Recruitment anytime they wish. The Interfraternity Council believes friendship leads to membership. Fraternities pursue a recruitment model based on an unrestricted, year-round commitment to actively seek prospective members who share a commitment to the fraternal values of scholarship, leadership, and service.

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