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Emergency Alerts

In order to provide timely communication to the campus community in the event of an emergency, Westminster College has partnered with a company called TextCaster to provide text message-based alerts in the event of a campus emergency.

TextCaster's service provides you with the capability to opt-in to receiving emergency alerts from campus officials on your cell phone via a text message. In the event of an emergency, Westminster College officials will send a message through the TextCaster system and the message will appear on your cell phone.

This is a free service, however, charges for text messages may be applied to your phone bill by your cellular phone carrier depending on the type of plan you have.

To sign up, visit TextCaster's sign up page.
Be sure to carefully read the instructions.

Once you submit your information, TextCaster will send a single text message with an authorization code that you must provide on the second page of the sign up process. The ensures that you have provided the correct cell phone number on the sign up page and that you are, in fact, the person requesting the service.

Westminster will use this service ONLY for situations deemed serious or critical and that pose an immediate significant threat to the campus community. Examples of emergencies for which the service could be used include: hostile threat on campus, severe weather alerts, or a safety situation that has forced the closure of a campus facility. In the event of an emergency, you will receive notification and instruction for safety procedure.

This service is not required, but is highly recommended. Information is used solely to provide you with timely notification of emergencies. Traditional methods of communication will also be used to disseminate information as well.

TextCaster uses what is called a "double opt in" process that prevents someone else from signing up for the service on your behalf. When you visit TextCaster's sign up page, you must provide your cell carrier and your cell phone number, along with some other information, such as your name.

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