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Westminster winter term courses are a great opportunity to earn credit in major and general education courses with a discounted hourly tuition rate.

Registration Information

  • Current students: Register in MyWC

The registration period for Online Winter Term 2018 is currently open on MYWC and will remain open until Monday, December 17 at 4:00 p.m. Online courses are available in a 3-week format. Students who enroll for online classes should carefully review the course description and information for online classes before enrolling.


$300 per credit hour with early registration before December 7 at 4:00 p.m.

Online Course Requirements

  • Westminster students must attend the online orientation meeting scheduled, to be announced.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining their course books before the start of class and are available at the bookstore.
  • Maintain reliable access to the Internet throughout the course's duration.

For further information, please contact Dr. Susan Serota, Director of Online Teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Course Information

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 3 Credits in 3 Weeks

Term Dates: Dec 19 - Jan 9

  BUS 100 O - Intro to Business

BUS 100-O, Introduction to Business: This introductory course will briefly explore the critical topics of the business environment. Beginning with business trends in the global environment, the course moves through small business ownership and how economics affects business, working with and understanding employees, fundamental marketing, and managing financial resources. This is an excellent course to explore the subject matter of the general business world for those who have not done any business courses before and would like to get an introduction to the subject matter or to pursue further studies in the various fields in business administration.
Instructor: Eames

  EDU/PSY 221 O - Ed Psych

Instructor: Bumgarner

  EDU 230 O - Child & Adolescent Growth

Instructor: Serota
Tier Requirement Fulfilled: Tier II, Hum Beh & Soc Instit Context

  EDU 385 O - Diversity in Education

Instructor: Serota
Tier Requirement Fulfilled: Tier III

  HES/PSY 231 O - Sports Psychology

Instructor: Gowin

  HES/TNS 240 O - Global Health

Instructor: Gowin
Tier Requirement Fulfilled: Tier II, Lang & Culture-Non Western

  HIS 103 O - U.S. History to 1877

Instructor: Boulton
Tier Requirement Fulfilled: Tier II, Historical Perspectives Context

  HIS 104 O - U.S. History since 1877

Instructor: Boulton
Tier Requirement Fulfilled: Tier II, Historical Perspectives Context

  HIS 110 O - World History II

Instructor: Brown, C
Tier Requirement Fulfilled: Tier II, Historical Perspectives Context

  HUM 277 O - Spanish Civilization

Instructor: Murillo
Tier Requirement Fulfilled: Tier II, Lang & Culture

  SEC 300 O - Law & Homeland Security

SEC 300-O, Law & Homeland Security: This class explores the constitutional sources and current legal issues in the area of homeland security facing the national, state and local governments and citizens today. Prerequisites: Introduction to Homeland Security; or American Government and Politics; or Constitutional Law; or Introduction to Security Studies; or faculty permission. 
Instructor: Gibson

  SPE/WGS 203 O - Interpersonal Communication

Instructor: Hardeman
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