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College Transition Program

College Transition Program
The College Transition Program (CTP) was established at Westminster College in 2007 to provide the support that students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder need to be successful learners in the academic, social, and physical environment they share with regularly admitted students.

Long a part of Westminster's academic life, faculty, staff, and administrators readily accept and help accommodate students enrolled in the CTP.

The CTP's services are tailored to meet the specific needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, many of whom also have Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Services currently include:

  • One-on-one academic support and advising;
  • Enrollment in supplemental courses designed to encourage and support academic success in the Humanities, Natural and Mathematical Sciences, and Social Sciences;
  • Extended-time testing;
  • Class notes;
  • Dictation;
  • Access to a quiet and/or supportive study environment;
  • Communications with parents and members of the faculty, administration, and staff as wanted and/or needed; and
  • Physical fitness programming.
  • Social skill development programming.

Students who are admitted to and enroll in the College Transition Program pay an additional fee for each semester they are in the program. For more information on the current fee schedule, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 1-800-475-3361.

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